Wednesday, May 30, 2007


The other day, was watching Raincoat for the nth time. Just happened to note a small sequence when Anu Kapoor (the house-owner) has finished explaining Ajay Devgan (Aishwarya Rai's old lover) how he's been bluffed by the woman about her prosperity, and how he'd have to force the couple out of his house for not paying the rent. Ajay Devgan offers to pay the partial rent and requests him not to evict them from the premises.

The owner accepts the money, and says -

"Ek baat poochhen baabu?....
Ye aapka praayashchit hai....

ya pratishodh?"

Is it a remorse or a revenge?!! What can you say? :)

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dumka said...

Came to ur page after so many days to discover such a pleasant brief post.But the picture makes up for the briefness of the text. After all a good picture is worth thousand words. The question raised by you (or the house ownwer, to be more factual) is really very intriguing, and also serious at the same time. Never thought about it while watching this movie. After lot of thinking I have concluded that it is 'pashchataap'.
And yes the picture posted by you is really amazing. I mean this picture can make the whole movie flash back before your eyes.

This picture is worth thousand Mega byte of memory ;)
Malum hai ganda tha, lekin kya karein aadat se majboor hai, mauka milte hi PJ de dete hai