Saturday, February 11, 2006

Concept of God

William F. Buckley, Jr, founder of the National Review magazine says - "It is intellectually easier to credit a divine intelligence than to submit dumbly to felicitous congeries about nature."

Is that the reason why some people believe and some don't on the existence of a supreme power? For a few, it might qualify as a nice excuse to actually run away from the rhetoric counter-point used in such debates - "Hey, look at the stars and tell me how these arrangements could have existed without anything?" For any tangible object in this world, this camp would point to the inspiration towards its making rather than the creation itself. Beethoven's compositions, Leonardo's masterpieces... do all these exist because something else exists which inspired the physical being towards extraordinary works? I disagree.

I am not being solipsistic. There is much more beyond the self. But why should we move beyond the world? The scriptures state that the Reality is beyond the ken of the senses and the mind. Then why bother about it? There is enough one can do within the realm of 'senses and mind' and within this world itself. The problem starts when you try to define Reality. For some, it is God in a definite form or shape, for me, it is what we live in.

Chanting verses like the Gayatri Mantra and contemplating on the Absolute with meditations, wouldn't that have been a waste of time for Beethoven and Leonardo da Vinci? I am not a hard core nihilist. Religious rituals and practices are merely different means of one's share of solitude. But, exaggeragte that into a necessary and only path to achieve oneness with the Supreme, and you are moving away from yourself. You lost the very purpose of solitude.

This I believe : There is no need of a God for my present existence on this planet.


Anonymous said...


Commenting on the nature of the world/God/self requires only either the of the two: wisdom or ignorance.Only you can know which side of the road you are walking.


Wisdom:-- is the outwardly expression caused by direct experience of the reality.

Ignorance:--a product of the lack of proper understanding of the understanding which again is a product of the beliefs,assumptions,fears one holds.

Reality:-something that does not require a base to prove itself.It must be independent and and self-evident.Its actuality must penetrate all the dimensions and levels of the predefined actualities one has come across.

You are happy with the world only because you are enjoying its leval of the realm as it appears to you.Search for a higher realm begins only when you start questioning you beliefs.

Bhara samandar gopi chandar,
doob ke jaan tu kitna pani.
kitna pani, kitna pani, kitna pani.

Anonymous said...

forgot to add.
reality==free from the contradictions