Monday, March 14, 2005

Five Point Someone

Ahaan! I read it in one go! Normally, it requires lots and lots of patience to complete a 270 page work in one sitting; and when it comes to me, its a definite no-no. I read it uptil 3:30 in the morning just because I couldn't resist myself leaving anything for the next day! (And, pat me on the back, I attended the 8 O' Clock crap class today as well!).

The book truly portrays the insti life, though, I feel that the three chaps got somewhat overscrewed! The lucid writing style of Chetan Bhagat keeps you stuck throughout the narration and of course, when it comes to something as close as yourself, you just can't stop appreciating. What do you think instances like this one suggest - "We are underperformers, but do you realize that its people like us who bring the average down so that even moderate ones can feel they are not far from it!" ? For me, its one thing for sure - positive attitude! Boy, forget your moral science lessons and see the logic in the above statement!

And, I am incomplete if I don't mention the best part. No points for guessing correctly - the beautiful Neha! The tiniest of female characteristics have been explored while Bhagat revolves around this character. Girls think repeating an adjective makes it more effective; girls do this all the time, say something half-funny, and laugh at it themselves; pretty girls have this power to turn Mary, making lambs out of people; hand-painting cushion covers, how can girls waste their time on such useless pursuits; how good it feels when a girl cries becuase she missed you..............
And the worst part - girls are beautiful, let's face it, and life is quite, quite worthless without them! Man, the last one is bittelry true.

The sucking profs, the great hostel and of course the Vodka! There is not a single front which the author has missed. I wish ISM had a nine storey building to offer me a rooftop to have my doses of "Signature"! Anyways, the stars look the same anywhere, isn't it?

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