Sunday, March 20, 2005

Small Wonders

Have you ever wondered how sometimes the tiny little things happening in our lives leave us amused and happy? You are sitting at a restaurant thinking about how that girl you didn't knew waved at you the other day and a smile comes up on your face. Suddenly the person sitting opposite asks - "Hey, what happened?" and you are speechless!

Or consider a different situation. Its the very first drizzle in the spring, totally out of season. Sitting in your room, you suddenly want to jump out and get all wet together with enjoying that great scent of earth. But, of course, its seldom you actually do it!

I can cite numerous examples. In one of your old school notebooks which you happen to discover when the house is being cleaned up, you get an old group photograph of the batch. Your heart ripples with the feelings of your childhood; or possibly by looking at that girl you had crush on! Or just remembering those great friends down the memory lane.

A similar such thing happened with me today. I had given all my clothes to the washerman (It always happens in a hostel that the entire closet becomes dirty at once!) and I had no other option than to resort to an old shirt kept safe inside my briefcase for months. When I took that off this evening, I sensed something in its pocket. It was a parking lot ticket.

Looking at the date and the vehicle number, the memories of that day immediately flashed back all at once! It wasn't an ordinary day. It was last year's Durga Puja. My sister's Activa was still new and I had passionately geared it all through the day! That DP, I had visited a lot more of Jamshedpur than any of the previous years, and the same day I had been to Babua Ji stall for the first time! All these memories kept flashing for a better part of an hour, and of course, left me immensely happy!

So the next time when you accidentally discover a cinema ticket in your pocket, or just a peacock feather in one of those old diaries, check out yourself for the veracity of my words!

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